I’m a Taiwanese Designer specialized in UX & Visual Design with backgrounds in HCI, New Media and Graphic Design. I am dedicated to enhancing user experience with strategic solutions and compelling visuals. By better understanding the needs, interests and aspirations of people, I help brands connect and matter to the people who are most important to their success.

MFA, Media Design Practices, Art Center College of Design; BFA, Graphic Design, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

Currently working at Base Design, Freelancer, former Microsoft Research AI Design Intern.

Graduating from Art Center College of Design, I majored in Media Design Practices, which is a design program grounded in science, technology and culture. I conducted research in correlations among senses and HCI with a keen interest in understanding people and new emerging technologies.

I thrive on the ability to question the status quo and explore the alternatives. While working with others, I expertise in analyzing others’ perspectives and glean new insights into projects. 
I have worked with several startup founders on business achievements with first hand experience in discovering product/brand value proposition. Working alongside computer scientists, bio-engineers, electronic engineers and researchers at Microsoft, I was thrilled to learn about their expertise and experience, and am excited to integrate what I have learned into design.


Master of Fine Arts, Media Design Practices
Art Center College of Design
Aug 2017 | Pasadena, CA

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic Design
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Jun 2015 | Taipei, Taiwan
Skill Sets

Specialty ◆ UX/UI, Visual Design, Interaction Design, Brand Strategy, Information Architecture, Digital Design, Digital Experience Strategy
2D ◆ Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, InDesign, Experience Design, Invision, Principle
3D ◆ Cinema4D, Rhino, Maya
Other Software ◆ Keynote, Microsoft Office Series

Code ◆ HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Processing, Arduino, Bootstrap RWD
Other Interests ◆ AI, AR, VR, IoT, Brain
Language ◆ Bilingual (Mandarin)


Behance Curated Gallery & AIGA Gallery
Microsoft Medical Devices Group 2017

Art Center College of Design Graduation Show
Olfactory Grammar 2017

Winner of MOE Scholarship Program for OverseasStudy in Art and Design 2015

Young Designers’ Exhibition (YODEX)
Horse Latitude 2015

Bronze of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest, NTUST
Benique 2014

"Qiao has been a blast to work with. Confident and focused, yet always approachable and fun. She has impressed us with her creativity, hands on design skills as well as capability to gather information and capture essential and strategic statements with a wide range of visual assets."

- Moni Wolf, Principle Design Director, Microsoft Medical Devices Group at Microsoft | August 2017, Managed Qiao Directly
"The color palettes, icons, and website design that Qiao created for team and product branding immediately impressed me. As she presented the material, her communication skills shone as she explained the nuanced reasons why she made these design decisions – every shade intentional, every angle and line width calculated to combine in a way to evoke a specific response."

- Lauren Ryan, Product Development Engineer, Microsoft Medical Devices Group at Microsoft

I was interested in finding some insights to tackle ambiguous facets of me, so I took a MBTI® test. I found out that I was framed as “THE CAMPAIGNER” (ENFP-A). Here are some words about this personality type that resonate with me:

"approachable, interesting and exciting, with a cooperative, altruistic spirit and friendly, empathetic disposition."

"warm and optimistic, always searching for and usually finding win-win situations for everyone."

"listen to different viewpoints and suggestions not just with tolerance, but genuine excitement."

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